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1. Outsourced a workplace comedy
Second chance sitcoms, take a look at Outsourced a show you may not have given a chance.

2. TV Land’s sizzling series Hot in Cleveland
TV Land’s original series Hot in Cleveland is it really hot or not?

3. Mr. Sunshine
Matthew Perry’s new show Mr. Sunshine is it worthy of your DVR?

4. Bubble Season, what is it?
It’s that time of year when the big networks start looking at their current lineup for the fall schedule. They examine which programs are bringing in the viewers and which aren’t.

5. 30 Rock
What happens when a favorite sitcoms looses its mind and turns into a reality show?

6. Last Words on How I Met Your Mother
How important are last words? - This season How I Met Your Mother tackles this difficult issue.

7. Two and a Half Men-The problem with Charlie
Can a hit television show survive the exit of a major star? Two and a Half Men might want to look back at programs that successfully went forward with a new star.

8. Sitcoms Newsletter
Welcome to the Sitcoms weekly newsletter, this newsletter will giving you information on your favorite Sitcoms old and new.

9. My Three Sons
One of the most successful sitcoms ever, the male-dominated My Three Sons continues in syndication to this day. Find out what the sons are doing now.

10. Good Times
A groundbreaking 1970s show that brought the catch phrase Dy-no-mite to public awareness.

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